My favourite book

Розробка позакласного заходу з англійської мови “Моя улюблена книга” у формі гри-конференції. Може бути використана під час вивчення тематики ситуативного спілкування “Шкільна бібліотека” для учнів середньої та старшої школи.

Literary Conference

Topic: My favourite book

Objectives: to enrich pupils’ knowledge of British and American writers; to develop pupils’ speaking and listening skills; to develop pupils’ creative thinking; to cultivate interest in reading.

Type of the lesson: game-conference

Aids: books, famous writers’ portraits, PC


  1. Organizing moment


(The pupils are divided into three groups)

  1. The main part of the conference
  • The name of the groups

Think about the name for your group


2) Solve the puzzles and riddle the riddles

a) Look at the screen. There are some puzzles. Solve them and get some points for your team.

Now answer the question

b) Riddle the riddle


3) Conference

Reports about favourite books

(The pupils present their reports about favourite books and then ask questions according to their reports)

  1. Jack London “White Fang”
  2. Daniel Defoe “Robinson Crusoe”
  3. Robert Louis Stevenson “Treasure Island”.
  4. O’Henry “The gift og the Magi”
  5. W. Shakespeare “Romeo and Julliet
  6. Joanne Rowling “Harry Potter”
  7. J.R.R. Tolkien the Lord of the rings
  8. Frances Hodgson Burnett “Little Princess”


4) Dialoging


One of the pupils acts as Jack London . Other pupils ask him questions about his biography.


5) Quiz

  1. Match the following works and their authors.

1.Treasure Island                                                 a. Mark Twain

2.Gulliver’s Travels                                             b. R.R. Tolkien

  1. Winnie-the Pooh c. Rudyard Kipling
  2. The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes d. R.S. Stevenson
  3. Alice in Wonderland e. Jonathan Swift

6.Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone              f. Daniel Defoe

7.Robinson Crusoe                                               g. Lewis Carol

  1. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer h. Arthur Conan Doyle
  2. Mowgli i. J.K Rowling
  3. The Lord of Rings j. Alan Alexander Milne


  1. Test
  2. This writer wrote detective stories.
  3. Jack London b. Mark Twain  c. Agatha Christie
  4. “Treasure island” is an adventure story about…looking for

buried treasure.

  1. pirates b. children  c. policemen
  2. In this town the tourists can see the house where

Shakespeare lived with his family.

  1. London b. Edinburg  c. Stratford- on –Avon

4.What was the aunt’s name of Tom Sawyer?

  1. Molly b. Polly        c. Maggie
  2. “The Prince and the Pauper” was written by this writer
  3. Mark Twain b. Jack London     c. Conan Doyle


  1. Guess the fairy tale.
  2. This story is about three brothers. They wanted to build three houses in the wood. But the wolf destroyed two of them. (Three Little Pigs.)
  3. This poor girl had no mother but she had a stepmother and two stepsisters. She was unhappy and worked a lot but at the end of the story the prince married her. (Cinderella.)
  4. The girl wanted to visit her grandmother but she had many problems on her way. The hunters helped her to sec her granny. (Little Red Riding Hood.)
  5. This beautiful girl lived in water. She fell in love with the young man. She couldn’t live among people and was very unhappy. (Little Mermaid.)
  6. The bear had many friends. They lived in the forest and this fairytale is about their adventures. (Winnie-the-Pooh.)
  7. This fish could do everything the old man and woman wanted her to do. But the old woman was greedy and selfish and finally they lost their property. (Golden Fish.)


* Additional task. Name the book and the author

Each team chooses a card with the description of a book character. They read and guess it. Extra points are for the name of the book and the author.

Card 1. This girl is fond of different stories and adventures. One day she got in an unusual world where everything is strange. She became smaller and bigger. She met a rabbit, a cat and even two queens. (Alice from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by L.Carroll)

Card 2. This boy didn’t have a usual family. But he had true friends among animals. He was strong and brave. He was not afraid of wild animals. He could fight even with tigers.

(Maugly from “The Jungle Book” by R. Kipling)

Card 3. This man is a real Englishman. He likes music and he can play the violin. He is very intelligent and he likes to solve riddles and secrets. Many people ask him for help. (Sherlock Holmes from “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by A.C. Doyle)

V. Summary

  • The results of the pupils’ work.
  • Let’s congratulate on the winners